PhD Student in Neuroscience, Cocosci Lab, UC Berkeley

I am a graduate student in Prof. Tom's Griffiths's Computational Cognitive Science Lab at Berkeley. Previously I completed a research Masters degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge under the mentorship of Dr. Zoe Kourtzi. I did my undergraduate work at Wellesley College and M.I.T. under Prof. Bevil Conway.

During my undergrad I examined the neural basis of color perception in humans and macaques. During my Masters I investigated visual statistical learning in adults, determining whether interventions (feedback, application of temporal jitter to stimuli, and structure changes) affected subjects' strategies in learning trained and novel patterns. I look forward to focusing my research topics during my graduate studies. I am fascinated by the cognitive processes underlying inference, especially social inference, and hope to use computational cognitive techniques to understand the structure of human behavior in my future work.